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New issue

The first article of the Issue 1-2 of the Volume 25 (2020) has been published. Read it here.

New Editorial Board

The journal has got a new Editorial Board.

New graphical design

The cover has been redesigned (thanks to Matjaž Zadravec). The entire journal has also been redesigned (thanks to Gaj Vidmar), so the authors should read the new instructions and use the new templates (see the Instructions for Authors section).

About the publisher

Journal Informatica Medica Slovenica is published by Slovenian Medical Informatics Association (SIMIA).

ISSN 1318-2129 print
ISSN 1318-2145 electronic
Informatica Medica Slovenica
Journal of the Slovenian Medical Informatics Association

Volume 16, Issue 2

Published in December 2011
Printed: 300 copies

Cover page


Research Papers

1Julija Ocepek, Mojca Jenko, Gaj Vidmar, Anton Zupan
Role of Smart Home IRIS in Rehabilitation in Slovenia – Findings from the User Survey
6Lasko Gelebešev, Helena Burger, Gaj Vidmar, Karin Schara
Analysis of Urgent Cases at the Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic in Ljubljana

Research Review Paper

15Branko Mihovilovič, Tomaž Gornik
Two-level openEHR-based Information System for Supporting Clinical Treatment

Technical Paper

30Drago Rudel, Darja Ovijač
Virtual Visits at Home via Videoconference Link with a Tablet PC – A new Opportunity for Nursing Staff

SIMIA Bulletin

35Ema Dornik, Vesna Prijatelj
Development of Informatics in Nursing - from Theory to Praxis: Report from the Annual Meeting of the SIMIA Nursing Informatics Section
42Jožef Gašperšič
News from the SIMIA Accademy
43Drago Rudel, Tina Vidjen, Jožef Gašperšič
Preparation of Starting Points for the National Telehealth Strategy
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