Volume 22, Issue 1-2

Published in February 2018
Printed: 300 copies

Cover page


Research Papers

1Gordana Budimir, Philip Rachimis, Luka Juršnik
Recognition Analysis of Slovene Researchers in the Field of Medicine in WoS and Scopus Databases from 1970 to 2016
9Dalibor Stanimirović, Eva Murko
Rare Disease Registry: Systemic Starting Points and Development Guidelines

Research Review Paper

22Matevž Kastrin, Dimitar Hristovski, Andrej Kastrin
Literature-Based Discovery in the Field of Life Sciences

SIMIA Bulletin

32Drago Rudel
Report on Active Participation at the Med-e-Tel 2017 International Congress in Luxembourg
33Ema Dornik
Digital Health – Opportunities and Challenges: Report from the Meeting of the Nursing Informatics Section 2017