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New issue

The first two papers of the issue 1-2 of the Volume 23 (2018) have been published. Read them here.

New Editorial Board

The journal has got a new Editorial Board.

New graphical design

The cover has been redesigned (thanks to Matjaž Zadravec). The entire journal has also been redesigned (thanks to Gaj Vidmar), so the authors should read the new instructions and use the new templates (see the Instructions for Authors section).

About the publisher

Journal Informatica Medica Slovenica is published by Slovenian Medical Informatics Association (SIMIA).

ISSN 1318-2129 print
ISSN 1318-2145 electronic
Informatica Medica Slovenica
Journal of the Slovenian Medical Informatics Association

Template Styles

The template includes detailed information how to prepare your manuscript. The following styles should be used for preparing the manuscript:
Style nameShortcutManuscript part
IMS Authors Ctrl + I + AList of authors
IMS Title Top Ctrl + I + OEnglish title of the article
IMS Title Bottom Ctrl + I + PSlovenian title of the article
IMS Abstract Top Ctrl + I + KAbstract in English
IMS Abstract BottomCtrl + I + LAbstract in Slovenian
IMS Normal Ctrl + I + IMain text
IMS Heading 1 FirstCtrl + I + GFirst paragraph title (on page 2)
IMS Heading 1 Ctrl + I + HParagraph title
IMS Heading 2 Ctrl + I + SSubtitle
IMS Figure Content Ctrl + I + DFor setting figures
IMS Figure Label Ctrl + I + FFor "Figure X" labels and their consecutive numbers
IMS Table Label Ctrl + I + TFor "Table X" labels and their consecutive numbers
IMS Table Content Ctrl + I + BText within tables
IMS Table Comment Ctrl + I + VAdditional explanations below tables
IMS Caption Ctrl + I + CTable and figure caption
IMS References Ctrl + I + RReferences
IMS Hyperlink Hyperlinks
IMS References Hyperlink Ctrl + I + UHyperlinks within references

The template also includes other styles for particular parts of the manuscript:
Style nameShortcutManuscript part
IMS Footer Page footer
IMS Footnote Ctrl + I + MAuthors' institutions and contact person
IMS Header Ctrl + I + NHeader
IMS Label Ctrl + I + YFor "Abstract.", "Povzetek." and "Infor Med Slov" labels on the first page
IMS Paper Type For labeling the type of the article on the first page

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