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Published in December 2013
Printed: 300 copies

Research Review Papers

1Vasja Progar, Uroš Petrovič
The Effect of Next Generation Sequencing Parameters on the Reliability of Metagenomic Studies
9Hristina Kocić, Ivan Krajnc, Dejan Dinevski
Information Technology in Medical Education
19Jakob Naranđa, Tomaž Brodnik, Milko Milčič, Dejan Dinevski
Telemedicina in ortopedija

Technical Paper

25Tomaž Velnar, Gorazd Bunc
Patient-Physician Communication and the Development of Their Relation

SDMI Bulletins

32Drago Rudel
Presentation of the SIMIA to the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth
33Ema Dornik, Vesna Prijatelj
News from Nursing Informatics: Report from the Meeting of the SIMIA Nursing Informatics Section – SIZN 2013


37Gaj Vidmar
A/B Testing – Simple Statistics for More Effective Websites and Other Experiments
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