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Published in February 2019
Printed: 300 copies

Research Papers

1Julija Ocepek, Nika Goljar, Gaj Vidmar, Mojca Debeljak
Association between Functional Ability and Prescribed Wheelchair Category among People after Stroke
6Larisa Stojanovič
Euromelanoma Day – the First Ten Years in Slovenia
12Branimir Leskošek
Statistical Learning for Predicting Potential Drug Interactions

Research Review Papers

18Uroš Hudomalj, Franc Smole
Quantum Cryptography
26Samanta Mikuletic, Brigita Skela Savic
Information Security Culture in Health Care – a Systematic Review

Technical Paper

34Barbara Smrke, Darja Podsedenšek
Experience with an Advanced Information System at the Intensive Internal Medicine Department of the Celje General Hospital

SDMI Bulletin

39Ema Dornik
30 Years of Experience in Support of Digitalisation of Health – Report from the Meeting of the Nursing Informatics Section 2018
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